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I realize many may not be into professional sports as much as I am, so you may not have even realized that this past weekend was the annual NFL draft. 
I have always been drawn to the person of John the Baptist – just one of those things. 
After reading it in a newsletter a couple of months ago, the phrase ‘a flash of the obvious’ is one I’ve recently begun to use a lot when I figure out the answer to what I thought was a difficult problem only to realize that the solution was staring me in the face the whole time.
Well for those of you who are interested in the UCONN Women’s Basketball Program, you know last night’s game was anything but pretty – but they did manage to pull it out – Congrats to Geno and the Women!
Paul Wicks, a friend here at the Travelers, and his wife Liz have a small non-profit organization called, “The Reading Room”. 
This morning I am reconsidering David’s words (Psalm 27 – especially verse 4) .
Plank versus.
And the crowd went wild, and the people jumped up and down,
One of the most unique prayers in the Bible is found in Proverbs 30 verses 7-9.
Bill Very joined us and led us in a discussion of things the Lord wants to impart to us in 2009.


    My name is Dale Petersen.  I love life, photography, art, music, and pizza.  I enjoy writing poetry, and I love to contemplate.  I like to encourage people in their faith journeys, and I am told that my writing has helped some friends and I have been encouraged to blog.


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