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Bill Very joined us and led us in a discussion of things the Lord wants to impart to us in 2009.
His comments opened with reflections on how he entered these insights.  One of the characteristics that led him to these convictions was his consideration of the numerology of the number “9” – which often refers to “surplus” or “abundance”.  Bill warned us not to accept things as they seem to be, but through faith, to press on until we have entered into the full reality of the Lord’s provision for us!

Bill believes that 2009 for each of us is to be a year of “abundant surplus”.  He believes that we are ‘already equipped’ with the knowledge and understanding and many of the resources that we will need to enter into all that the Lord has for us in this new year – a year Bill expects that the Lord will use to bring us into the things he has already prepared for us!

 The Biblical source for Bill’s inspiration resides in Joshua Chapter 1.  Here we see the Lord preparing the people to finally enter the ‘Promised Land’.  To do this, they will need to cross over the Jordan.  For this, there was not much notice given – “within three days, you will cross over the Jordan.”  In a similar notice, we should not necessarily expect that the Lord will give us much advanced notice as he moves us into new things.  As illustrations, Bill pointed out how he had had two quick announcements of job changes that took place for him in the past year.  He sees similarities to the new things that we will enter in 2009.

Bill also referred to how the Jordan at this point is one of the lowest points on earth.  And to cross over here, we must enter into an attitude of humility.  Other promises given to Joshua that Bill thinks apply to us are, that “no man will be able to resist you”.  That as the Lord was with Moses, so he will be with us!  And that while it may look like God has forsaken us at times, his promise is that “I will not leave you or forsake you!” will remain true, and he will be faithful.

Bill challenged us that there were some tribes whose inheritance was on the east side of the Jordan.  These individuals were instructed by Joshua to leave their wives and children and livestock (east of the Jordan) while they passed before their brothers to lead the way in – after their brothers were settled, they could then return to rejoin their families and settle themselves.  In a similar way, our prayer life, our family life and our fellowship is to be maintained with the full awareness that while we may have received a portion of our inheritance already, we have brothers and sisters who are struggling to enter all that God has prepared for them.  And, we need to help them in their struggle!

Bill had received a prophetic word from his Pastor that indicated that for Bill, entering these things will not really be a significant struggle for him (like they potentially have been in the past).  Bill shared this with the group.  We can all certainly pray for one another that we all might have an easier time entering into the things God is calling us to (with greater ease than they have been for us in the past)!

“What are the things he is calling you into in 2009?” Bill asked starting with me.  We then went around the table.  Needless to say, many wonderful things were shared and many people’s dreams emerged.  So, what is HE calling you to in 2009?

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