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Paul Wicks, a friend here at the Travelers, and his wife Liz have a small non-profit organization called, “The Reading Room”. 
The Reading Room provides books (in French), school supplies and educational materials to several schools in Haiti, including the Bethesda and AFCA Schools in the Port-au-Prince area.  These schools are run by Pastor Martinez Jovin and his wife Emma.  The Reading Room also supports Ecole Agape, which is a school 45 minutes outside of Port-au-Prince, in a town called Lilavois.  

They have been challenged at different times to provide more than educational/reading material, but Paul has felt a need that the organization ‘Remain true to its mission’.  As time progressed in the closing months of 2009, Liz sensed an increasing urgency to send food to Ecole Agape to be distributed to the community at Christmas.  Paul felt that they should stay the course and use the money for their core mission.  Yes, the tensions we endure in His service!  Paul finally, and reluctantly, consented to a $1,400 shipment of food, encouraged by the fact (in his own words) that, “$1,400 buys a lot of food in Haiti”.  Delays came and other things interfered with the shipment (to their frustration), which didn’t arrive in time for Christmas.  But finally, on the fateful morning of January 12th, the day of the devastating earthquake, the food arrived at Ecole Agape.  By human standards it was late, but by God’s standards, it was right on time!  Some of the children at this school and an affiliated orphanage ended up with enough food to last a month until the relief agencies arrived.  

Most husbands, including myself can take some good lessons from this on the discerning qualities their wives possess, and learn not to be too quick to dismiss them.  Thank you, Paul, for sharing this great faith story with our group.  Paul and Liz, we pray blessings upon you as you continue your great work!  Thank you Lord for your awesome timing!

To get a reminder on the devastation at Haiti, click the link below:

To read more of the work of Paul and Liz, open the attached word document from Paul.

Over the next several weeks, it is my hope to highlight different faith stories like that included today, so if you have a story the might encourage others, please let me know at your earliest convenience.  No story is too small to bring praise to Him who observes the activity of sparrows.

Psalm 84:3
“Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young— a place near your altar, O LORD Almighty, my King and my God.”


God bless you in this day!

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